Onward Christian Flatterers!

Onward Christian flatterers! 
Stumbling into war, 
With the cross of Jesus
Somewhere on the floor. 

Christ, the sometime Master 
Leads against the foe,
Forward into battle, 
See our banners blow! 

Onward, Christian flatterers!
Marching to defeat,
With the cross of Jesus
Underneath our feet. 

At the name of idols 
Satan’s host doth laugh,
On then, Christian flatterers
Appease on God’s behalf!

Hell’s hosts jeer 
At the whisper of praise,
Brothers, lift your voices,
Loud pleas you raise!

Like an uncertain crowd 
Move the saints of God, 
Brothers, we are treading 
Where apostates have trod. 

Victory! A bargain is struck, 
Heretics, go on rejoice, 
Peace and hope and more are yours,
Apostates, lift up your voice.  

Belial dines with Christ, 
Light befriended darkness, 
The saints of God enticed. 

Scoffers, your ways are just,
Holy dogs, everywhere they run,
Ho! What sight is that? 
Bejeweled swine glisten in sun.  

Angels, hide your faces,
The Lamb exposed to shame, 
Heaven, consider action, 
What will be our blame?

Onward Christian flatterers!
Marching into war,
With wrathful angels 
coming from before

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